About Us  

     Funhouse Amusements was founded in 1991 by Jay Smith with the mission of providing top notch sales and service to a mostly homeowner clientele. 

     Since then, the enterprise has expanded to meet the needs of numerous commercial clients as well. Funhouse Amusements currently serves as a premier provider of internet-based jukeboxes and other innovative commercial equipment to a range of retail establishments. Funhouse Amusements provides not only the vision to help customers plan these complex entertainment systems, but also the know-how to install and subsequently maintain them.  In 2009, the company celebrated its 18th year in business. 

    Funhouse Amusements has had the privilege of serving customers for almost two decades now, and therefore takes extreme pride in its reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable source of technical support.  The enterprise remains dedicated to workmanship and ensuring a high level of quality for each and every item worked on.  Our ultimate goal is total customer satisfaction and confidence. 

     Jay has a BA in Business and Finance from the University of Maryland, and has a long history in computer technical support.  As the founder of JHS Enterprises, Jay combines his hard-earned technical expertise with business savvy to keep operations running smoothly.  Having spent so long in the business, there isn't anything Jay can't troubleshoot, fix or restore! When Jay isn't busy keeping up with the day-to-day operations of the company, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, and is an avid collector of antique advertisement items and rare jukeboxes. 

      Jay's brother Dale is the resident graphics and art restorer for items that require that special attention to detail.  Dale's skill and precision can be seen  in the restorative decals he provides for pinball machines and video games, jobs that can require up to 15 hours of  meticulous labor. Dale's expertise also extends to jukeboxes - his particular specialty is repairing antique jukeboxes from the ground up, a task requiring expertise and knowledge that has become increasingly hard to find.




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