Here's a very popular and extremely fun pinball machine to play named "The Getaway - High Speed 2" that would be a great candidate to show how we go about restoring our pinball machines.  This machine had been neglected for some time and was absolutely filthy.  It might not be obvious from the photos but we felt this game could be brought back to life with a little time and extra effort though.  Below are a few shots of The Getaway as we first unloaded it into our shop to be restored. 

As you can see, the dome and light fixture at the top had been completely broken


Nice scuff mark from moving this guy during the years.



A few more scuffs to the cabinet from moving to repaint


Someone must have spilled soda down there


More to clean and touch up


After removing the glass


Close up of the playfield entombed in a layer of dirt.  Wow, this is going to need some work


Yup!  There is a playfield under there


The cabinet had its first cleaning and getting ready to be shopped out

See the other Getaway pages as we unearth this classic pinball machine.

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