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Stern, Inc 2001

     The last pinball manufacturer in business today has brought the most popular board game ever made and has turned it into a thrilling pin.  Designed by the same genius behind such classics pins as Funhouse, Twilight Zone and The Adams Family, Pat Lawlor breaths new life into Americas favorite board game. 

      Some of the MONOPOLY pinball machine's classic features include: an Electric Company billboard, a bi-directional, rotating mini-flipper in the Water Works, and a Ride on the Railroad ramp. Also, you can take a lesson from MR. MONOPOLY and break the Bank, start the cash grab, and shoot the upper ramps for big MONOPOLYŽ points. The goal of the MONOPOLY pinball machine is to move your piece around the game board, collect properties, and lock balls. When you pass GO, multi-ball will start and you can become the millionaire you've always dreamed of being!

Be a Tycoon!








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