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Stern Inc - 2003

          The ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON  pinball machine is designed by PatLawlor Design. Pat has been responsible for many of the most famous titles in the history of pinball, including The Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Funhouse, and his most recent hit, Stern’s MONOPOLY.

          The playfield has 4 roller coasters, including “The Flying Ghost,” “The Flying Turns,” an inverted ramp coaster called “The Chicago Loop,” and the “The Rocket,” a coaster that blasts the ball almost to the playfield glass before sending it on a wild ride around the playfield!  (You can open the rides by turning the stoplight for each ride from red to yellow, then green.)  Other rides and features include the “Scrambled Eggs” spinning ride, the pop bumper Bumper Cars, the Handyman drop target, the Maintenance Men stand-up target, the hysterical Dunk the Dummy side attraction, and an information kiosk that gives out random awards!  The object is to open rides, snack shops, and get as many people to attend your park as possible!


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