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     Golden Tee Complete is the most exciting golf game you can have without a club in your hands. Golden Tee Complete 2006 is the next generation of this legendary golf series. Experience more courses like Mystic Hills, Blue Stone, Shadow Swamp and Kiwi Springs through Golden Tee Complete.  This authentic full sized upright cabinet even includes a scrolling marquee to display game statistics and high scores for bragging rights for your buddies.  A huge 27" Hi Resolution Digital SVGA Monitor displays courses and scenery brilliantly.  Also features great play by play commentary by Pat Someral and Peter Jacobsen.  Perfect for any home basement or bar.  Easy enough for beginners to play and skilled players alike. 

29 Golden Tee Courses in one machine! (27 Regular courses + 2 Bonus courses)
Expanded Tee & Pin Placements

Courses included are:

GT Fore: Mystic Hills, Suerte Del and Sol Crimson Rock

GT 2002: Pine Meadow, Bay Side, Rattlesnake, Maple Acres
and Castle Shire

GT 2003 Buckhorn, Crawdad Kings, Cactus Canyon, Kiwi Springs
and Bluestone

GT 2004 Kings Canyon, Blue Stone, Heartland Creek, Eagles Peak,
Tropical Falls, Blue Horizon and Swords Pointe

GT Xtra! Cedar Meadows and Shadow Swamp

GT 2005 Blue Horizon, Eagles Peak, Ridgewood, Painted Gorge,
Oak Hollow, Sapphire Springs and Balmoral Greens







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