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        What do you get when you mix golfing, gofers and pinball with one of the most successful designers in pinball?  You get a fast paced and action packed game with the most "flow" of any Pat Lawlor pin.  No Good Gofers (NGG) is reminiscent of the classic 1980 comedy Caddyshack where a pesky gofer causes mayhem and tomfoolery.  The gofer keeps Carl the grounds keeper very busy.  Instead of one there are two gofers to deal while shooting 18-holes of golf in this very underrated and low production pin.

        Pat Lawlor is known for being innovative and always bringing something new to a game.  In NGG he designed a slam ramp in the middle of the playfield that allows players to attempt shots onto the Driving Range.  The Driving Range is a 2nd level of the playfield that is a clear piece of plexi with a golf cart and Hole in one shot.  This shot is probably one of the most satisfying shots in all of pinball.  The golf cart has 2 targets for wheels that can be shot to start 3 different modes and various scoring possibilities.  Under the Driving Range are the stars of NGG, Budd and Buzz.  They make their appearances by popping up from under the playfield to taunt the player and block the ramp entrances.  The 2 main ramps on either side of the playfield leading back to the flippers are done beautifully in a dark blue.  The playfield has a spinning disk that randomizes 16 different awards and ball movement during play.  Pop a gofer and Dance Party are hilarious.  5 awards on the disk are multi-ball modes.  Even with all the multi-ball modes it doesn't feel like it's too much.  There is an upper right flipper that allows shots to the Putting Green scoop, both gofers and sand trap targets.  A captive Newton ball in the lower left of the playfield awards various points and has a very cool sound when hitting it.  Red, white and blue pop bumpers are located in a narrow left portion of the playfield.  It's almost pachinko like watching the ball work its way down.   The pinball artwork is brilliantly done in primary blues, reds and yellows.  The sounds package is fantastic with the main tune having upbeat and catchy Cajun sound to it.  A speaker upgrade is definitely recommended to take advantage of the great sounding explosions and music.  Budd and Buzz seem to never run out of funny taunts to blurt out.  The light show is also a great attraction to the pin especially at the start of multi-ball.  The lights and flashers glow dim to ultra bright with what sounds like a jet engine revving up eventually ejecting a pinball directly towards the flippers. 

        NGG is a great pin by Pat Lawlor and Williams with a low production of 2711 machines.  Pound for pound it's a satisfying and fun a game as any of the other top 10 pins out there.  NGG is one of the best Lawlor games ever behind
The Adams Family, Twilight Zone and Family Guy.





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